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Oh Hey There!

I'm Kate, the Director of People and Purpose for Hub Real Estate. I'm pretty thrilled you navigated your way to this spot on the internet. You made it! I look forward to celebrating with you in person soon.

You're likely curious about what makes Hub stand apart in the industry? Hub has built a distinctive brokerage committed to providing our agents with systems, support and service to add value to their practice. We have organically curated a pretty fantastic place to do business from and are now intentionally seeking partnership with folks resonate with the values and culture of Hub.

Collaboration, Abundance, Value, Growth, and Belonging drive our practice, informs our growth and decision-making as a organization. In a transactional industry, we prioritize the human element. We believe firmly in the power of the relational practice of real estate.

I welcome the opportunity to explore how Hub can support you and earn your partnership.

Let's get together? Drop me a line below or fill out this form and a member of our team will be in touch to set up some time together.

Until then, keep at it, you're doing great work.



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